Andy Murray: I can be a Grand Slam champion again!

Andy Murray forehand

Andy Murray believes he can be the player he was before his injury again, but it’s “not the end of the world” if he can’t.

Murray has three Grand Slam titles to his name, one at the US Open and two at Wimbledon, but has been out of action for nearly a year with a serious hip injury.

He will make his long-awaited return at Queen’s next week, and while he thinks he can return to the top of the game again, he admits he has had to be realistic about his expectations moving forward.

“I always thought I’d come back and play again,” Murray said.

“I would love to get back to the top of the game but if not, that’s OK. It’s not the end of the world if I don’t.

“I’m not expecting to win Grand Slams straight away,” Murray said.

“You don’t start playing after 11 months out and winning them – that isn’t how this works.

“It may have been different if I had four months of hard training and preparation. There has been a lot of stop-starting for me.

“The expectations are very low right now and I will reassess my goals when I’m back out there competing.”