Andy Murray’s verdict on Novak Djokovic’s vaccine debate and his coaching experiment

Andy Murray talks to the media

Andy Murray has suggested Novak Djokovic has been vaccinated against Covid-19 after he was included on the entry list for next month’s Australian Open.

The debate over Djokovic’s participation in the first Grand Slam of 2022 has been the big talking point in tennis over the last few months, with Melbourne officials insisting all players need to be doubled vaccinated to compete.

Speaking at an event to promote the Battle of the Brits event in Scotland later this month, Murray insisted he has no sympathy with any player who opts against taking the vaccine.

“I don’t know what the situation is with Novak,” he told the Press and Journal. ” The latest I saw was that he was on the entry list, and I assume he’s playing and has been vaccinated.

“We were told they were the rules – if you want to play, you have to be vaccinated – so I’m assuming that’s what’s happened.

“Ultimately, you want all of the best players to be playing in the biggest events. It’s what makes the events more interesting and he’s also going to try to win and break the record, winning a 21st Slam. His record there is phenomenal, so hopefully he’ll be there.”

Murray also gave his first views on his time working with German coach Jan de Witt, after long-time coach Jamie Delgado left his camp.

“It’s been good,” he added. “I obviously didn’t play in the Davis Cup, so I’ve had an extra couple of weeks and got started a bit earlier than a lot of the players that played in that.

“I’m off to Abu Dhabi on Sunday for a week to play in the event there, but also to go a few days earlier and get some outdoor training.

“I’ve obviously just been practising indoors here, but it’s been good so far, I’ve got some good work done and I feel relatively fresh.”