Andy Murray urges ATP’s powers that be to address the Alexander Zverev domestic abuse allegations

Shahida Jacobs
A pensive Andy Murray

Andy Murray says the Alexander Zverev domestic abuse allegations will continue to “linger” until ATP authorities resolve the issue.

Zverev has been accused of domestic violence by his former partner Olga Sharypova, who claims the German mentally and physically abused her with one incident taking place during the 2019 US Open and another one at the Laver Cup in Geneva that same year.

The world No 4 has on numerous occasions denied the allegations and in August this year he revealed his lawyers “obtained a preliminary injunction against the source and the author who published the false allegations” following interviews with Sharypova in Racquet magazine and

However, the issue continues to be discussed in tennis media circles and Murray was asked about it during his first-round win at the San Diego Open.

“The way that it’s (been) handled hasn’t been good for anyone,” the former world No 1 told Inside Tennis. “I don’t think it’s been great for the Tour. I don’t think it’s been great for Zverev, because you know, unless it gets addressed head-on, it’s just going to be lingering, and, like you say, the questions will continue to be getting asked.

“I spoke about it at Wimbledon, and now here, what is it, three months later, and I’m still getting asked about it.

“Obviously, it’s not been properly addressed, and until that happens, then players are going to continue to get asked about it.

“The broadcasters are invariably going to be talking about it. So… I don’t know what advice Zverev will be getting… and I don’t know how you should handle that if you are in that situation or in that position.

“It’s difficult, but, certainly, it’s been going on too long… It needs to get resolved, clearly.”