Tennis stars’ partners Ayan Broomfield and Paige Lorenze tease collaboration

Ayan Broomfield and Paige Lorenze
Ayan Broomfield and Paige Lorenze tease collaboration.

Partners to Frances Tiafoe and Tommy Paul respectively, Ayan Broomfield and Paige Lorenze have teased a tennis-adjacent collaboration that has fans excited.

They shared some exciting updates from a recent photo shoot.

Lorenze is passionate about bringing fashion and sport together and that aligns well with Broomfield’s passions.

Broomfield was an accomplished collegiate player and NCAA champion and has taken steps into the world of acting and modelling.

Lorenze was recently questioned regarding her interactions with Ayan Broomfield, Costeen Hatzi, Morgan Riddle, and the other tennis partners.

She revealed that she gets on well with the group of women she frequently encounters.

“I have such admiration for the wives and girlfriends of other players. I have made some great friends on the tour in a short period of time and it’s really nice,” Lorenze told Sportskeeda.

Because of their hectic occupations (and sometimes clashing schedules), Tiafoe and Broomfield have spent the majority of their relationship on separate sides of the nation if not the world. Broomfield earned a women’s studies degree from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2020. She settled in Los Angeles and worked on developing her professional career while simultaneously supporting Tiafoe’s tennis career.

Broomfield has risen in prominence after featuring alongside Tiafoe in the Netflix Series Break Point.

Her one regret from the filming was that a section they filmed at Tiafoe’s former home didn’t make the cut.

“There was one scene that I think would have been really, really interesting for people to see about Frances. I think we did one scene at his old home and it was kind of in a lower-income area,” Broomfield said.

“He actually got pretty emotional and was talking about kind of where he came from and his story a little bit more. And I think it would have been really interesting for people to see visually where he started and where he is now. But I think they did a really good job telling his story anyway.”

Otherwise Broomfield was delighted with the experience they had filming Break Point.

“I thought it was going to be a little bit more overwhelming. But they blended in super well. I felt very comfortable. It was just as if they weren’t even there at all,” Broomfield said. “And then after watching it all back, I think it was just really fun to see how we interacted with each other. I think in the moment you don’t really see kind of how you are. But after it was fun to watch, I enjoyed it.”

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