How to pick the perfect junior tennis racket – our ultimate guide

Kevin Palmer
Ana with a Wilson Junior Blade racket
Ana with a Wilson Junior Blade racket

Tennis parents like to give their kids the best chance possible to enjoy their tennis journey and picking the perfect racket is a real dilemma.

While adult players look into the fine details before picking a racket, the same care and attention does not always go into the selection for junior players.

Wilson are looking to change that dynamic with a range of rackets that offer junior players similar choices to adults.

Serving up a selection that mirrors the rackets used by the galaxy of professional stars such as Stefanos Tsitsipas and Emma Raducanu, Wilson are leading the way in the production of junior rackets.

Tennis365 was given the chance to test drive the Wilson Blade25 V8, which offers a head-turning look and top-flight performance for junior players developing their game.

Conducive for smooth, easy swings that allow players to be aggressive and dictate play, this racket can accelerate skill and confidence ahead of schedule.

All-new design sports flashy green metallic finish for a vibrant look, while top features include a Top Grip Taper on the handle for a better feel on the two-handed backhand and Parallel Drilling for a more forgiving string bed response.

The racket comes pre-strung with Wilson Sensation 17/1.25, an arm-friendly multifilament string built for enhanced comfort and we got a chance to test drive it with Tennis365 junior player Ana.

Wilson Blade Junior racket
Wilson Blade Junior racket

“Emma Raducani is my favorite player, so to get a chance to play with her racket is amazing,” said ten-year-old Ana, who is in a performance squad in Bedfordshire, England.

“The racket I had before was more for beginners and I could feel a massive difference as soon as I got this in my hand.

“It felt like there was power on my shots instantly and it also responded so well to spin.

“Already, I feel like the Blade has taken my game to the next level and it makes we want to practice more and more.”

The Wilson Blade25 V8 is just one of the rackets available to junior players in the range, with the first decision that need to be made coming with the choice of frame.

Players aged between eight and ten should use a 25 inch frame, with slightly older players requiring a 26 inch frame.

Ahead of the French Open, Wilson have released their Blade 26 Roland-Garros tennis racket, which offers a blend of playability and control.

This lightweight frame makes it easy to maneuver, and it comes in colors inspired by the biggest clay court tournament in the world.

The iconic Wilson Pro Staff racket was given a revamp this year in Wilson’s adult racket range and they have now added a Junior version to their collection.

Perfect for junior players aged 11-12 who are looking to elevate their game, the Pro Staff 26 v14 continues the long tradition of Pro Staff excellence.

Famous for its pinpoint precision and classic feel, the Pro Staff racket helps players develop their strokes and maximize their potential on the court.

Wilson have also had some fun with their junior rackets, as their Minions tennis kit is the perfect companion for youngsters who love tennis.

Minions 2.0 Wilson tennis kit

The Minions 2.0 Junior 25 maximizes the fun factor for young players learning how to play tennis.

This racket’s entertaining design features the adventurous yellow henchmen lined along the 3 & 9 of the hoop, while its lightweight composition is perfect for arm-friendly swings and playability.

The full kit includes junior racket, backpack and two dampeners for a convenient, Minions-themed starter set.

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