Big hint dropped over Roger Federer Olympics plans as compatriot backs ATP/WTA merger proposal

Roger Federer Match in Africa in Cape Town

Belinda Bencic has appeared to reveal that Roger Federer still ‘plans’ on playing in the Tokyo Olympics despite it being postponed for a year.

Federer had made the Olympics this summer a priority in terms of his scheduling, but there has been speculation about whether his commitment would remain given he will now be approaching his 40th birthday when the games are due to begin.

However, compatriot Bencic has hinted that Federer still intends to play the tournament, by saying she hopes the ‘plan’ to team with him in mixed doubles in Tokyo still happens.

“If everything goes according to plan, I would be extremely happy”, said Bencic in an interview to Swiss newspaper Blick.

Bencic has also Federer’s proposal to merge the ATP and the WTA, saying it will be especially helpful to the women’s game as they can suffer from a lack of ‘superstar’ names to attract viewers.

“It would only be logical,” she said. “People are confused with the two organisation. It would be good if women and men played the same and equally endowed tournaments.

“There are many points that still need to be discussed in detail, buti t would be a real thing.

“They still have superstar players with Rafeal Nadal, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. It’s different with us women. Serena Williams does not dominate anymore.

“That also changes again. People like to watch women’s tennis and if the ATP and the WTA were together, they would see both at once. I think many would appreciate that”.

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