Exclusive – Coaching legend Nick Bollettieri on the new tool that could transform the game

Kevin Palmer
Nick Bollettieri is promoting the Singer Bag

It is the coaching tool that could revolutionise the game and in the opinion of tennis coaching legend Nick Bollettieri, Slinger Bag has a huge role to play in what comes next at all levels of the game.

Britain’s Lawn Tennis Association is among those who have signed a deal to use the transportable wheelie bags that comes into its own when it is fired up and become a ball feeding machine.


Bollettieri’s legacy as one of the great tennis coaching masterminds in the history of the game was cemented by the success of his iconic graduates such as Andre Agassi and Maria Sharapova, with his suggestion that Slinger Bag could be the ultimate coaching tool giving the product its the ultimate endorsement.

“I remember Boris Becker saying that the best advice he got from me was when I was standing next to him on the court and this Slinger Bag allows the coach to get into that position,” Bollettieri told us.

“When you stand next to a player, you can see the little things and make the comments that make a difference. Being next to your student is so important for a coach.

“It also gives people a chance who have come home from work or school after a frustrating day to let out some of their annoyance. They don’t need someone to hit with, they just take Slinger Bag down to the court and hit balls to have a great workout.”

The Slinger Bag is essentially an all-in-one hitting partner, with players having total control of their shot and an ability to adjust the speed of the ball as it comes towards you.

Ideal for players of all skill levels, its ease of use is ideal for those playing tennis for the first time or tennis devotees looking to sharpen their skills, with the bag holding 72 tennis balls, a wallet, keys, towel and water bottle, and also charges mobile phones.

“I see areas where we can make a few minor adjustments on the rotation of the ball because we need to replicate match play as much as possible, but we can do that and the Slinger Bag swill be adaptable to what an individual player wants,” added Bollettieri.

“This is a new product so I think the people at Slinger Bag will gets tips from the people using it around the world and I really feel it can be a big game-changer for coaches and players of all levels.

“You can let the Slinger Bag do the work of feeding the ball and that gives you time to talk to your student or film them so that you can analyse their shots afterward.”

Nick Bollettieri spoke to Tennis365 in association with Slinger Bag, the ultimate new tool for the tennis coach or any player who wants to practice without a partner. Check it out HERE.

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