Carlos Alcaraz dubbed ‘King Midas of tennis’

Wimbledon celebrations for Carlos Alcaraz

Following his spectacular victory against Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon final last month, Carlos Alcaraz has been dubbed the ‘King Midas of tennis’ by Italian star Lorenzo Musetti.

Musetti has watched as his fellow Next Gen star has made a sensational breakthrough on the ATP Tour that is the stuff of dreams for young players.

The top 20 player is inspired by the way Alcaraz plays and carries himself.

“Today Alcaraz is the point of reference, the player to beat,” said Musetti.

“He is the King Midas of tennis: what he touches becomes gold.

“He is both a friend and a source of inspiration, beating him [at the Masters 1000 in Monte Carlo] is a source of pride but also a motivation in more to do it again.”

Having issued his praise for Alcaraz, Musetti insists he doesn’t want to radically alter his own game to emulate the Spaniard.

“I would never change my tennis,” Musetti added.

“Maybe I need more time on the court than others, but I think it’s more rewarding to stay true to yourself.

“And to the dreams we have in our drawer. US hard-courts season It’s a long, tiring tour, but I have no points to defend.”

“Before my goal was to become a professional, now it is to reach the top of the ranking, win a Grand Slam.

“If in the end I fail to achieve all the goals I set for myself, it will mean that they were not within my reach.”

Alcaraz picked up a significant increase in Instagram followers after his Wimbledon triumph and he could be turning his success on court into gold, or at least cold hard cash.

Alcaraz gained just over 700,000 new Instagram followers in a single day after winning Wimbledon in an epic final.

Prior to the final, Alcaraz had 2.8 million followers on Instagram while as of the time of writing on Monday 17 July, he now enjoys a following of 3.5 million.

What that means for the value of his social media presence is that Alcaraz now has an estimated earning potential of $42,600 per sponsored Instagram post, $21,300 per Instagram story and $55,300 per Instagram reel.

Following his epic Wimbledon win Alcaraz has a career winnings total of $19,644,057.

That total does not include money earned through sponsorships or appearance fees and is purely made up of prize money from his ATP Tour success.

Alcaraz has already earned $7,814,414 in prize money this year alone, and you wouldn’t bet against him topping $10 million for the year just as he did in 2022.

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