Carlos Alcaraz startled by unbelievable changes in just one year

Carlos Alcaraz after a match
Carlos Alcaraz celebrates victory

Carlos Alcaraz has reflected on the growth he has seen in his career and game over the course of the last year.

Alcaraz reflected on the changes as he arrived in Canada for the first time in a year.

He noted that he is a completely different person to the 19-year-old who took his first steps into the great white north last term.

Since then he has not only won two Grand Slams and been to the Roland Garros final but he says that he has been forced to grow up quickly.

Alcaraz said he simply hasn’t had time to take in his Wimbledon win yet and added that he isn’t really able to take stock of all the changes.

“I remember that I [did] not [have] a good run last year in Canada,” Alcaraz told

“I came this year to change it, hopefully to have a good run, better than last year. But one year later, I think I learned a lot from that situation on how to deal with the pressure, how to deal [with] everything.

“I have been playing in great stadiums in great rounds and I’m fighting for great things. I think that helped me a lot to grow up as a player, as a person, and I think one year later, I’m totally different.”

Alcaraz said that while his success isn’t something he expected it is something that he has worked hard for over a much longer time frame than many realise.

“I know that everything came so fast. Great tournaments, two Grand Slams, and I’m just 20 years old. I know that I’m so young,” Alcaraz said. “It’s something that I worked to be in this position to fight for great things. But you never realise until you’ve done it.

“There [are] some times that I think about the last point of the US Open, the last point of Wimbledon and other great tournaments that I won and I still can’t believe it and still get goosebumps, so it’s crazy.”

Alcaraz regrets not having more time to simply consider the fact that he is now a Wimbledon champion at the age of just 20.

“I had just a week to think about it. I had not too much time. And I think I needed a little bit more because it’s something that is crazy to realise,” Alcaraz said. “Honestly, for me, winning Wimbledon at 20 years old is something that I dreamed about when I started playing tennis. It was my fourth tournament on grass, so it was totally unexpected.

“So for me, it’s a great achievement and it’s something that I have to take some time to think about.”

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