Does Matteo Berrettini have a new love interest?

Matteo Berrettini Netflix Break Point

It appears that Matteo Berrettini may be making the most of his early elimination to spend time with a new love.

The 2021 Wimbledon finalist has reportedly been spotted in his home country with a 36-year-old Italian model, Melissa Satta.

As documented in the Netflix series Breaking Point, Berrettini had been dating fellow tennis player Ajla Tomljanovic of Australia.

That relationship started back in 2019 and persisted into early 2022, but by the grass court season the couple had split.

The cameras of the Netflix series caught a moment that some have sought to dissect as a crack in the relationship between the players.

“I have to sleep,” Berrettini said of an 8:15AM call time for Tomljanovic. “You go downstairs and ask for a room.”

“I’m going to say on air that you kicked me out,” Tomljanovic joked.

“But they’re going to agree with me,” Berrettini predicted sharply perhaps missing the humour. “I’m still in the Australian Open!”

Tomljanovic was nervous about how their relationship would be protrayed in the docu-series.

“So much time has past that it feels like another life, even though it’s been just a year,” said Tomljanovic. “Hopefully, it’s handled in a tasteful way, and in fact, I’m sure that it will be because everyone working behind the scenes were such lovely people that I can’t see it being anything other than exactly what it was. I don’t predict too much drama because there really wasn’t.

“At the same time, I hope the episode shows the reality of the situation for what it was.

“I changed so much in such a short period of time, which is why I think I had more success than ever in 2022,” said the Aussie.

“If I could have filmed any year of my life, it would have been this one, so part of me is super excited to see it.”

Matteo Berrettini had insisted that he was open to moving on but wasn’t desperate to find love.

“I’m single but it’s not like something that I am looking for, it’s not that I’m waking up and have to find love,” he said.

Now, Berrettini and Satta have appeared in a number of public places, from basketball matches to the finest restaurants.

Satta was married to footballer Kevin Prince Boateng and recently split from Italian entrepreneur Mattia Rivetti.

The former model now hosts a television show and the new relationship is generating a lot of buzz on the Italian social scene.

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