Emma Raducanu talks about the exciting prize that awaits the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix winner

Emma Raducanu Porsche sponsorship

With the 46th Porsche Tennis Grand Prix moments away, tennis star Emma Raducanu was asked about her experience with the tournament and the mouth-watering prize that comes with it.

The rising star is not only a famous tennis player, but she is also a Brand Ambassador for Porsche. The 20-year-old has undoubtedly created an exciting career for herself in tennis with her passionate commitment and enthusiasm. However, the young athlete still manages to find the time to play her part for Porsche and often likes to exercise her skills as one of their Brand Ambassadors.

“I think it’s a very nice arena for tennis and provides a great atmosphere,” said Raducanu.

“Of course, having the cars behind the court and also being able to rent from a selection of Porsche’s throughout the week is pretty cool!”

The Porsche Tennis Grand Prix winner, will certainly be returning home in style with a Porsche Taycan Turbo S Sport Turismo. An exciting prize will surely motivate the competitors to prove their quality, and Raducanu spoke for all with her eagerness to win the car.

“I’ve been lucky enough to drive one on a few occasions and it’s a very smooth drive and tremendous acceleration,” she added.

“I think what Porsche has been able to do with e-mobility is amazing, to produce a very high-performing electric car like the Taycan is a big feat and a sign of the future,” said Raducanu when asked about the E-Mobility approach that Porsche is taking.

Raducanu has certainly loved her time as a Porsche Brand Ambassador and enjoys the support she received from the company.

“Porsche have been amazing in supporting my off-court goals. Together we have put together a driving program that includes track lessons with more advanced cars and I’ve had a lot of fun improving my driving skills.

“The goal is to keep progressing and who knows what opportunities it might lead to. I love testing new cars and learning about the engineering side of the industry as well.”

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The British star is eager to support the company in as many ways as possible and will be looking for an opening to go and watch Porsche’s Formula E team.

“The team is highly successful in Formula E and is building quite a lead at the top,” she added.

“I haven’t been able to make it to a race as it never seems to match up with the tennis calendar but hopefully it will at one point as I’d love to support them in person trackside.”

If the young star ever decides to give up tennis, she can always look to Porsche as she is very enthusiastic about the company and its cars.