Emma Raducanu stars in TV ad alongside Lewis Hamilton and Idris Elba

Emma Raducanu during a match
Emma Raducanu plays a shot

In a brand-new Sky Sports promo, Emma Raducanu co-stars alongside Idris Elba, Jon Rahm, Lewis Hamilton, Jack Grealish, and many other athletes.

A tennis court formed of flaming lines appears in a circus tent during the advertisement, which has strong echoes of The Greatest Showman.

Emma Raducanu uses the trapeze to strike a tennis ball.

Raducanu has been absent for the entire 2023 season having undergone multiple surgeries to address a raft of injury concerns.

Despite that and a rankings slip, Raducanu still draws a lot of attention in the media and brands like Sky Sports are lining up to work with her.

“Roll up roll up. Prepare to be dazzled by the most thrilling tournaments and spectacular sporting events the world has ever known. Sky Sports. The Greatest Show on Earth,” Sky Sports said of the new advertisment.

Raducanu got to spend some time in passing with a sporting hero of hers in Lewis Hamilton.

“It was really cool just to speak to him after everything he’s achieved, he’s such a great inspiration,” Raducanu told Sky News.

“In Formula One I love watching all the Brits – Lando, George as well. They’re all really cool to be flying the flag high for Great Britain.”


When it comes to football, Raducanu is a Spurs fan so she might not have been too impressed with Grealish.

Raducanu admits that she isn’t the biggest football fan but feels a connection to Spurs and Harry Kane thanks to her technical team.

.”My whole team basically are big Spurs fans and I feel like they’re egging me on,” Raducanu said in an earlier interview.

“They’re desperately trying to get me behind them.

“I don’t necessarily follow football so much, but I feel like now because of them I’m feeling some sort of connection. I loved following the Euros last year and watching Harry Kane, who’s obviously the England captain, and Son [Heung-min], I’m a big fan of him as well.

“So, yeah, I like to dabble,” she said of watching football.

“One of my favourite footballers is probably Harry Kane because he is the captain of England and he is such a great role model to follow and he is super professional and takes everything to the nth degree.I definitely feel like I can learn from that,” Raducanu added.

It is not clear when Raducanu will return to action on the WTA Tour but it seems that it might only be in the 2024 season.

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