Coaching guru insists Emma Raducanu still has much to prove after US Open win

Emma Raducanu celebrates

She is the new queen of tennis after her sensational US Open victory, but Emma Raucanu still has much to prove as she looks to build on her success in New York.

That’s the verdict of celebrated coaching guru Nick Bollettieri, who guided the young career of Maria Sharapova as she made a similarly remarkable breakthrough by winning Wimbledon at the age of 17.

“I know what it takes to become a serial Slam champion, and what magical blend is needed of raw talent, work ethic, physical ability, mental toughness, application and unquenchable desire to do better. Even when you’re already the best,” he told the Daily Mail.

“Raducanu’s next tournament, and next Slam, will be telling. We’ll see how she copes with fame and having done something nobody has ever done before, and expectations she’ll keep doing it.

“I can’t tell you with any honesty I know she’ll be a world-beater. I see the potential, and all sorts of positives, and I hope she continues to soar. But go easy, and let her breathe. Let her find her way.

“Emma’s mental control throughout her unprecedented feat was marvelous. She didn’t crack. She smiled and prevailed. Her versatility was notable. The game is no longer just about keeping the ball in play, it’s about changing up, reacting to the strength in depth of the opposition. You have to come forward, you can no longer win with one style.

“Emma does all the basics well, but eye-catching was her remarkable footwork. That’s the bedrock for everything else. Roger Federer has sublime talent and shots but the bedrock is in the footwork. Watch it, but you’ll need slo-mo.

“Emma’s ability to strike difficult balls well was outstanding at this US Open. Striking a ball well is requirement 101 but consistently hitting back those tough shots: that marks you out. Those are the positives.”

Raducanu’s next event looks set to be the Indian Wells Masters at the start of October.