Federer discloses plans for 2021 Olympic Games tournaments

Roger Federer at Wimbledon

Roger Federer might not be in the tennis games for the remaining part of this year after he had undergone two knee surgeries. However, he’s already preparing for his 2021 season, and there’s a possibility that he would be right up the alley for the Tokyo Olympic games next year.

While fans expressed disappointment about missing the star in action this year, the excitement for the season is still high. Fans are eagerly following news about the tournament.

The Swiss star had participated in four Olympic games and had won a double Gold Medal with Stan Wawrinka, his team player at Beijing Olympics 2008 and had won a Silver medal in the Men Singles in London 2012. He has twenty Grand Slam titles to his credits but has never won an Olympic gold medal in the Men singles.

After his match against John Isner, Federer disclosed his plans to participate in the Olympic Games in the year 2021

“I won twice for my country both in Athens and Beijing, I’ve had a silver and a gold medal so I will love to be in the games again ” he had said.

Still On Federer

If not for the emergence of the COVID-19, Roger Federer was planning to participate in the Wimbledon this week, but the match got cancelled.  During an interview with the Swiss player, he disclosed how much he missed playing in the Wimbledon and how he engaged himself in a thorough  20-week rigorous training to participate next year.

Even though the unforeseen COVID-19 pandemic had caused disarray, the Tennis ranking board had already organised the ATP ranking system for the resumption of the Tennis tour in early August. Roger Federer will not be affected by these recent amendments to the ranking system.

According to the statement from the ATP;

“We had put a hold to the Rankings since 16 March 2020 after the ATP tournament was cancelled due to the pandemic. In preparation for the tournament in August, the Rankings which normally work on the results of the Best 18 over fifty-two weeks will cover a total period of twenty-two months, and this will be between March 2019 to December 2020.”

 “There will be improved adjustments to the Rankings if the year 2021 season is affected by the Covid-19 pandemic “

Love For His Fans

Roger Federer Match in Africa Cape Town press conference

Federer also talked about his love for his fans.

“I love my fans, and I miss playing in front of them. If there’s still a chance for Tennis to be back this year, though we might not get a full crowd due to the pandemic, it will be fun catching up with lots of them.

“As a Tennis player, the interaction with our fans is very imperative, like we signing autographs, taking selfies, speaking to them, hearing their comments and praises, all these matters a lot. It shows how close we are to our fans. “

“Sincerely, I miss all these, but this is a  time where we’ve got to be very patient, and I believe by next year when things will improve and everything goes back to normal, we’ll be able to see each other more often. Patience is the main thing here,” he said.