Five underrated facts about Rafa Nadal

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Whenever there’s mention of lawn tennis, Rafael Nadal is one of the first players that come to people’s minds. Accredited as the world’s second-best player in men’s singles tennis, Nadal has managed to scope out a place for himself in the hearts of people.

But, how much about this player do you know about? We bet it’s not a lot.

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1. He Chose Tennis Over Soccer

While the majority of the parents and children dream of becoming a renowned soccer player, Nadal knew from a young age that he wanted to do something different. At the age of 12, when he was given the option to choose, he picked tennis over soccer. He had the hard choice of proceeding with a soccer career, but he instead decided to go a different route.

2. He Didn’t Get Similar Support From the Spanish Tennis Federation

The world now knows who Rafael Nadal is but back when he just started his tennis career, he didn’t have any special privilege. While he was instructed by his coaches to move his training to Barcelona for better opportunities, his parents didn’t want the same. So, even with ample talent, he didn’t receive the same kind of funding from the federation as the other players.

3. He is Adamant About Coach Changes

For a world-renowned tennis player, you’d think that Nadal must have trained under some of the most famous coaches. That was not the case. For the initial 12 years of his tennis career, he trained under Toni Nadal, a professional Spanish tennis coach. It was later in 2016 that he switched to train under Carlos Moya, the former #1 under ATP rankings

4. He Bagged a Grand Slam Before 15

While students at the age of 15 are busy planning their next career direction, Nadal bagged a Grand Slam before he even hit the age of 15. He managed to beat Pat Crash, the 1987 Wimbledon winner. His win came as a shock to the entire world, primarily because of the kind of skills he possessed at such a tender age.

5. He Bites Every Trophy He Wins

Rafael Nadal 2020 French Open champion

As weird as it might seem or sound, Nadal, to this day, has a tradition of biting into a trophy he wins. It started with his win in 2004 in the French Open, where he did the same. Ever since the initiation of the tradition, he has managed to keep up with the same to this day.


How many of these facts about Rafael Nadal did you know about? These are just a few of the underrated facts about the tennis player; the list goes on to explore more. One of the facts about him that no one believes in is the fact that he is an extremely superstitious person. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?