Former Chelsea football star cruelly mocks Andy Murray’s tearful retirement

Andy Murray in tears

Former Chelsea and Germany football star Robert Huth has mocked Andy Murray on social media for the emotion he showed as he confirmed his retirement.

The central defender, who is without a club, was linked with a move to Derby County on social media on Friday.

He, though, dismissed the rumours himself via his twitter account before referencing Murray.

Huth tweeted: “This literally couldn’t be less true. I’ve retired! (I just haven’t done an interview and cried about it).”

Huth’s unkind comments follow those of fellow former footballer Alan Brazil.

Brazil, now a host on TalkSPORT radio, ridiculed Murray on his Friday show.

“Give us a break, come on,” declared Brazil. “He’s playing tennis for God’s sake. I’m not having the bubbles, the tears. The pain, the pain, the pain.

“What were the tears? Come on! I don’t recall (Novak) Djokovic or (Roger) Federer crying their eyes out. I admire what he has done, but I don’t want tears.

“If he’s in pain, go to a proper specialist and get it sorted. I’m not having this. Anyone can play tennis. I’m more agile than he will ever be. Don’t get married and don’t have a kid if you want to be a sportsman. I put this down to being a father, having a kid. Your life changes.

“Andy has just got to say; listen the body doesn’t work any more. I’ve got married, I’ve got a kid, see ya. Lovely.”

However, another footballer-turned-broadcaster, Gary Lineker, opted to show Murray a much more appropriate level of respect.

“Always sad when a sporting career comes to an end,” tweeted former England and Barcelona striker Lineker. “Sadder still when it’s one of the greatest sportsmen that these islands has ever produced.

“A truly wonderful tennis player, and an absolute credit to his sport. Well played, Sir.”

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