Four of the most underrated tennis players across the world

David Ferrer at Miami Open PA

Lawn tennis is a very underrated sport, so it is not surprising that apart from tennis fans, not many people are aware of most tennis players.

But, while the world knows the renowned names of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, many tennis players deserved way more credit than what they got.

Like how many sports enthusiasts rely on the William Hill promo code for their quick betting fixes, we’d suggest you first know about some of the tennis scene underdogs before placing any bets.

1. Vera Zvonareva

Famous for some of her unique defensive techniques, Vera Zvonareva is a name that you can’t brush aside when talking about underrated tennis players. This Russian lawn tennis player is one of the most prominent players in the women’s circuit but is exceptionally underrated when talking about global tennis.

She secured a position in the Wimbledon’s finals in the U.S in 2010 and even secured the World’s Number 2 rank in that year. She is not just known for her power moves; she is also known for her mental character and strength that helped her beat some of the superior Women tennis players.

2. David Ferrer

While this tennis player had his last circuit in 2019, he has always stuck in the top 10 year after year but is still underrated when it comes to recognition. His great moves and swift actions have also helped him land some regular appearances in the prominent tournaments in Grand Slams.

Ferrer is known for his tournament in the French Open in 2013, where he reached the final seamlessly without any dropping but couldn’t beat Nadal in the final. He is known for his quick moves around the tennis court and is one of the swiftest tennis players to date.

3. David Nalbandian

As underrated as David Nalbandian is, he is equally talented, and his 2002 tournament at a Grand Slam is a testament to that. He managed to secure his positions in four semi-finals in the Grand Slams but unfortunately didn’t win any of them. But, aside from his talent, he is also known for his anger and frustration, the 2012 Queen’s Club finals being an example of his rage.

David Nalbandian

Nalbandian is known for his effortless moves and backhand with swift and sleek strokes. He is also one of the very few players who can effortlessly master the two-hand backhand, giving the audience a fantastic show to watch and enjoy.

4. Svetlana Kuznetsova

Last on the list is Svetlana Kuznetsova, who is the two times winner of Grand Slams. Aside from the two wins, she has also managed to secure positions in the Grand Slam finals four times. But, even with so many achievements, she is one of the least talked about tennis players. Her retirement in 2012 eventually left her fans in shock.

But, she then returned in 2013 at the French Open and then reached the semi-final of the Grand Slam but later lost the game to Serena Williams.


If you didn’t know about any of these players on the list, it justifies the title we’ve put up. Even with so many achievements, these tennis players are given a lot less credit than they should get.