‘I see myself as a coach in future,’ says Novak Djokovic as he doesn’t want to take his knowledge to the grave

Novak Djokovic interview

Imagine having Novak Djokovic as your coach. Well, it could happen for a few lucky ones in future as the tennis great is determined to share his “knowledge, philosophy, approach and methodology of work” once he retires as a player.

At the age of 34, Djokovic still has a good few years left in terms of playing days, but the 20-time Grand Slam winner revealed after his Paris Masters success that he wants to try his hand at coaching once he hangs up his racket.

“Yes, I see myself as a coach in the future,” he is quoted as saying by Tennis Majors. “I truly love this sport. I do not love it only when I am winning; no, I love it when I am with my kids on the court, when I watch it live or on TV, and when I am trying to pass on my experience and knowledge to the upcoming players at the Novak Tennis Centre, to which I am very committed.

“Knowledge can be a curse if you do not use it, what is the point then?

“I mean, sure, I benefit from it, but what am I going to do with it afterwards – to take it with me to the grave, to say ’yes, I was the best’? No, I want others to have information about my career, my philosophy, approach, methodology of work etc.”