Greg Rusedski claims Novak Djokovic may lose his motivation once Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal retire

Novak Djokovic antics

Greg Rusedkski has suggested that the retirements of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer may damped the motivation to win for Novak Djokovic.

Djokovic is currently third behind Federer and Nadal in the career Grand Slam count, but he is the youngest of the three and expected to play for longer.

In terms of tennis, the Serb is arguably looking better than ever, with his disqualification at the US Open the only match he has not won in 2020.

However, how much does the world number one really have left in the tank?

“He could possibly get that far but I look at it differently,” Rusedski told Amazon Prime when asked if Djokovic will beat his rivals’ Grand Slam records.

“Physically he is capable of getting that far but you have two kids, he has a wife and you don’t want to be on the road every single week when you’re 40 years of age.

“It’s different when the family life gets into play as well. Everybody likes to get away once in a while but not every week.”

“Life changes, so mentally more than physically it will be a challenge.

“Who knows, if Nadal or Federer retires he doesn’t have his greatest rivals once he creates those records.

“That’s the problem great champions have. They have to have somebody else to motivate them.

“These great three have had this for generations but once one says goodbye they will lose a little bit of motivation once they have got the records.”

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