Happy Slam: Is Melbourne tennis’ city of love as Rafael Nadal and co welcome October babies

Rafael Nadal

The hat-trick of recent births of children to active tennis players has fans suggesting that Melbourne has supplanted Paris as the city of love.

Rafael Nadal’s wife recently gave birth to their first child, followed soon after by the birth of a child to tennis couple Elina and Gael Monfils and then Daniil Medvedev announced that his wife had given birth to their first child.

There is more to this it seems as Novak Djokovic had also welcomed his first born in the month of October back in 2014.

Bastien Fachan suggested this might have something to do with the Australian Open in Melbourne being known as ‘the happy Slam’.

“I need to know what’s going down at the Australian Open every year,” Fachan tweeted after noting the recent birth dates. “Happy slam’ for a reason.”

The Australian Open has a strong connection to childbirth and pregnancy, considering that in 2017 Serena Williams won the Grand Slam while she was pregnant.

It has been a strange year in tennis with numerous firsts but it might be the first time that three births grace the tennis world in a month.

The Medvedev announcement caught a few people by surprise with many remarking they were unaware that Daria Medvedev was expecting.

One of those births was one that straddled the ATP and WTA Tours with the birth of Skaï Monfils.

It has been a challenging year for the couple, with Svitolina distressed by the events in her home country Ukraine.

“What a night,” Svitolina posted on Twitter and Instagram. “Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to Skaï Monfils … Can’t thanks enough my husband to live [through] this unforgettable moment with me.”

Gael Monfils has been sidelined by a heel injury but that might be something that has had a silver lining as he has been able to spend time with his wife and experience the special moment.

“I had the most amazing night of my life, which ended with the most beautiful gift around 6:00Am. Elina was strong and brave…I can’t t thx enough my wife and God for this special moment.”

Svitolina was on a prolonged break from the game announced in March, as she struggled with a back injury.

It is not clear if she will come back to the tour but she may well be inspired by the likes of Serena and Tatjana Maria who have returned to the game after childbirth.

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