Who is Harold Reginald? The mystery man spotted with Venus Williams

Venus Williams Harold Reginald
Venus Williams with Harold Reginald.

It would truly take a one-of-a-kind gentleman to occupy the time of Grand Slam queen Venus Williams, and that is clearly true of the dapper Harold Reginald.

The enigmatic and alluring Harold has been a companion to the former world No 1 since 2007.

Williams was decked out in a floral kimono dress in her latest snaps with ‘her man’.

Harold Reginald is, of course, her beloved dog, who is a fixture of Venus’ Instagram feed.

The Havanese wormed his way into her heart in their first encounter, but Venus turned to her sister Serena for advice on getting her first dog.

“I had not planned on getting a dog, and I just saw this dog one day, and I called my sister and said, ‘What should I do? I like this dog.’ And she said, ‘Get him. I love him already.’ And so it was the best decision and best advice I ever got,” Williams said.

Venus even teamed up with Purina Pro Plan to encourage pet owners to feed their pets the best available food and also to include their pets in exercise.

“I’m a passionate pet owner, and my dog is my life,” Williams told PEOPLE.

“He is the focus of my life. I love the little guy.

“We’ve been together 16 years, and he’s doing quite great. And one of the reasons why I credit him doing so well is because of his food and what I feed him.

“I think that we’re all very busy today, and it’s challenging to find that time to make sure that our dogs are getting the proper exercise that they need,” Williams added.

“But it is good for dogs to get their exercise too. And, of course, it strengthens your bond because you’re spending time together, and there’s nothing like that.”

Just like Venus, Harold Reginald has proven to be a bit of a jet-setter, accompanying her on a trip to Paris, among other holidays down the years.

“He’s on my back in the backpack, we’ve had a lot of special moments exploring Paris together. He didn’t know he was seeing a lot of Paris, but he saw a lot of the very special history,” she said.

Venus has become a big supporter of animal charities and been involved in various charitable drives in aid of shelters as well.

She is yet to formally retire from tennis but has scaled back her participation on the WTA Tour.

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