Holger Rune on the importance of being idle and overcoming haters

Holger Rune crashes out of the US Open
Holger Rune crashes out of the US Open

Despite being a top competitor anmd someone who doesn’t back down from a challenge, Holger Rune says that he is naturally too lazy to really get wound up about anything that happens on court.

Rune says that he is naturally a laidback person, even to the point of being lazy.

The Dane believes that being unbothered by things allows him to conserve his energy for the court.

He can even seemingly put being jeered by crowds behind him.

“I am very calm and relaxed as a person – almost a little lazy,” Holger Rune told Relevant Tennis.

“So I don’t stress over things related to press or work.

“Sometimes it is good to be a little lazy because you can’t control everything.

“I use my energy on court.

“And I have a really good family around me.”

Rune was recently made aware of the importance of good nutrition.

He believes that the changes in his diet helped him enjoy a fruitful European indoor swing.

“Also, it is important to eat well and sleep enough during the season. Because if I have no energy, the engine will burn out. I have a nutrition plan now so I know I get what I need. We found out I did not get half of the sugar and salt I needed [for matches], that is why I had meltdown and cramps.

“I really did not know [things like these] could make so much difference… My coach says that a Ferrari with no fuel is useless. He is right. So I am much more aware now of what I eat… even though I love pepperoni pizza and ice cream.”

When Rune had to withdraw from the Open Sud de France in Montpellier due to an injury during his semifinal match against Borna Coric, the crowd was incensed.

He was two sets down to the Croatian opponent when he had an arm injury that ended his tournament early.

World No 37 Coric was up 6-3, 4-1 when Rune withdrew from the match. He went to the net to give Coric a quick handshake, but when spectators saw the game would conclude sooner than expected, they booed Rune to show their disapproval of his choice.

Due to a right forearm injury, the young Dane was unable to play at his regular level throughout. A medical break in the second set did not address the injury problem, and Coric was able to take advantage of the fact that he had served with around half of his first serves—typically a major weapon in Rune’s arsenal.

He will not be in action in the coming week.

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