Holger Rune insists that he doesn’t have a hot temper off the court

Holger Rune during a match
Holger Rune asking questions

Holger Rune says that he is naturally a laidback person, even to the point of being lazy.

The Dane believes that being unbothered by things allows him to conserve his energy for the court.

While on the court he has been known to get into the moment just a little bit but Rune says it doesn’t eat at him at all.

“I am very calm and relaxed as a person – almost a little lazy,” Holger Rune said in an interview with Relevant Tennis.

“So I don’t stress over things related to press or work.

“Sometimes it is good to be a little lazy because you can’t control everything.

“I use my energy on court.

“And I have a really good family around me.”

Rune adds that he was recently made aware of the importance of eating right.

He believes that the changes in his diet helped him enjoy a fruitful European indoor swing.

“Also, it is important to eat well and sleep enough during the season. Because if I have no energy, the engine will burn out. I have a nutrition plan now so I know I get what I need. We found out I did not get half of the sugar and salt I needed [for matches], that is why I had meltdown and cramps.

“I really did not know [things like these] could make so much difference… My coach says that a Ferrari with no fuel is useless. He is right. So I am much more aware now of what I eat… even though I love pepperoni pizza and ice cream.”

Rune won his maiden ATP Masters series event in 2022 when he defeated Novak Djokovic to lift the trophy in Paris.

He comfortably qualified for the ATP Next Gen Finals in Milan but feeling the effects of deep runs during the indoor season, Rune withdrew and ended his season after the Paris Masters win.

Rune had been sporting a relatively bulked-up physique at the tail-end of the 2022 season, and given his age it would be no surprise if he started next season that little bit more filled out.

He is the pick of many as a future French Open winner, but there is enough about his game to suggest he could be an all-court star.

Rune really impressed in the Paris Masters final when he overcame a case of the nerves to power to the biggest win of his career at Bercy. Though he has struggled to be consistently at his best since then he has been able to keep himself in and around the top ten.

If everything goes according to plan for Rune, then 2023 could be the year he announces his arrival among the elite of the game with a Grand Slam win.

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