How much does Emma Raducanu get paid by Nike?

Emma Raducanu in action
Emma Raducanu on court

British No 1 Emma Raducanu has attracted lucrative sponsorship deals from the likes of Nike, Porsche and Vodafone.

Her full sponsorship portfolio also includes deals with Wilson, HSBC, British Airways, Evian, and Dio.

Nike, Porsche and Vodafone are her biggest backers at the moment.

It has been estimated that Raducanu currently earns $9.03 million from her sponsorship portfolio.

Sports apparel and shoemaker Nike currently have Raducanu signed to a deal that sees her receive $1.5 million to be kitted out in their gear during tournaments and to appear in advertising for the brand.

Raducanu’s agent Max Eisenbud has dismissed the suggestion that the young star has too many commercial commitments that detract from her tennis.

Eisenbud claims her agency IMG has “left million of dollars off the table” by capping Raducanu’s at 18 sponsor days per year.

The agent feels IMG and the rest of Raducanu’s team have shown restraint with demand for Raducanu soaring after her 2021 US Open triumph.

“We could have done 50 days of shoots,” Eisenbud told the BBC Sports Desk podcast.

“I’ve never seen the amount of excitement and companies that wanted to be in business with Emma after the US Open.”

He doesn’t believe that her commercial commitments detracted from her ability on court at all in a tough 2022 season.

“I think she got a lot of bad luck and what really hurt her was [catching] Covid and not having a great off-season, and then she was playing catch up.

“But I think that if she had zero shoot dates, everything would be the same.

“I know from the outside, you guys want to look at all those things – but if she locked herself in the room for the whole year and didn’t do anything, I think it would be the same.”

Eisenbud believes that it is understandable that people may think that a young player whose popularity suddenly spikes could be distracted, but insisted this has not been the case with Raducanu.

“Never a week or so before a tournament, never in a tournament week and never right after the tournament. I understand how people who don’t understand that philosophy could think that it is distracting her, but I think when you see how it’s laid out, it really is not the case.

“Emma decided that she wants to start her shoots at 12pm or 1pm and go until 8pm or 9pm and have the option in the morning to either train or work out or do some fitness.

“Not all the days have been used of the 18. There are sponsors that have those days, but many of them don’t use them.

“I would imagine by the end of the year the amount of days she uses will be around 13.

“But when the 19th day comes, and it’s millions of dollars and you have got to say ‘no’ because you’re being true to the 18 days – it’s tough.”

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