‘I’m still smiling under this mask’ – Alexander Zverev hits back at those ‘trying to wipe a smile off my face’

Alexander Zverev masked up

Alexander Zverev has once again hit back at his detractors following recent allegations about his private life, insisting he is “still smiling” despite there being “a lot of people who will be trying to wipe a smile off my face”.

The German’s ex-girlfriend Olga Sharypova dropped a bombshell on social media a fortnight ago as she revealed that a former boyfriend tried to strangle her with a pillow.

She didn’t mention any names in the post, but later told Russian media that Zverev also hit her during the 2019 US Open.

Zverev immediately responded to the allegations on social media, writing: “There are the unfounded accusations of my ex – girlfriend Olga Sharypova , which I read in the media today. They make me very sad.

Alexander Zverev confirms he will become a father and denies domestic abuse allegations

“We have known each other since we were children and shared many experiences together. I very much regret that she makes such statements because the accusations are simply not true.”

Zverev, who will become a father next year after another former girlfriend in Brenda Patea announced that she is expecting their child, addressed the issue of his private life after finishing runner-up to Daniil Medvedev at the Paris Masters on Sunday.

“I know that right now there are a lot of people who will be trying to wipe a smile off my face, but I’m still smiling under this mask,” he said.

“Everything’s great on the court and off the court. Everything is great in my life, I’m going to be a father soon…

“Those who are trying (to wipe a smile off his face) can keep trying but I’m still smiling, you just can’t see under the mask.”

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