The insane big titles stats that show Novak Djokovic is the GOAT

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic celebrates after winning the final match against Bulgaria's Grigor Dimitrov at the Paris Masters.

As he keeps shattering records, Novak Djokovic extended his considerable ‘Big Titles’ lead on Sunday by winning the Paris Masters.

The Serbian became the first player to win 40 ATP Masters 1000 trophies when he defeated Grigor Dimitrov in the Paris-Bercy final.

With his current record of 70 “Big Titles,” Djokovic has amassed a collection of Grand Slam victories, ATP Masters 1000 and Nitto ATP Finals trophies, and the one missing piece for Djokovic, Olympic singles gold medals.

For every 3.1 events competed in, Djokovic has won one “Big Title” (70/217). Just three other players—Nadal (1/3.5), Federer (1/4.4), and Pete Sampras (1/4.9)—have claimed “Big Titles” at a rate higher than one for every five events played.

The 36-year-old holds individual singles titles record with seven victories at the  Paris Masters indoor event, which traditionally wraps up the regular season.

Thanks to his win in Cincy, Djokovic now also lays claim to winning multiple Masters titles in 12 different seasons.

Djokovic is tied with Carlos Alcaraz for the most titles on the ATP Tour this season with six and could break that tie in Turin.

The 97-time ATP Tour title winner is also just three victories away from joining Jimmy Connors, who has 109 championships, and Roger Federer, who has 103, as the only players in history to achieve 100 championships on the professional circuit.

Current and Former Champions’ Big Titles Won (Records Since 1990)

Player Grand Slams NATPF 1000s Total^ (Avg)
N. Djokovic 24/72 6/15 40/127 70/217 (3.1)
R. Nadal 22/67 0/11 36/128 59/208 (3.5)
R. Federer 20/81 6/17 28/138 54/240 (4.4)
P. Sampras 14/52 5/11 11/83 30/147 (4.9)
A. Agassi 8/61 1/13 17/90 27/164 (6.1)
A. Murray 3/59 1/8 14/118 20/186 (9.3)
B. Becker* 2/26 2/6 5/51 9/84 (9.3)
T. Muster 1/29 0/4 8/53 9/87 (9.7)
S. Edberg** 3/28 0/4 4/45 7/79 (11.3)
G. Kuerten 3/33 1/3 5/67 9/105 (11.6)
J. Courier 4/38 0/4 5/71 9/114 (12.6)
M. Rios 0/26 0/1 5/56 5/84 (16.8)
M. Safin 2/41 0/3 5/87 7/133 (19)
M. Chang*** 0/50 0/6 7/86 7/144 (20.6)
A. Roddick 1/46 0/6 5/75 6/129 (22.5)

^ Includes Olympic Games gold medals and tournament participations
* Becker’s four other Grand Slam titles came before 1990.
** Edberg’s three other Grand Slam titles came before 1990.
*** Chang’s one Grand Slam title came before 1990

Djokovic made is clear ahead of his run to the title in Paris, that he will keep at tennis as long as he feels his love for the game is still there.

“Well, you know, I have said this before. Of course my greatest motivation is still love for the game. I really like competing. So as simple as that.

“Then, you know, I always have goals, you know, and to win another slam, to be No 1 again, to finish the year as No 1.

“Those are let’s say the big goals. Of course next year is Olympic Games. I really want to do well in Olympic Games, represent my country. Davis Cup is something that still gives me a lot of inspiration.

“Of course any tournament where I play, I want to win, no doubt. But the big goals are the ones that I mentioned. So I think it’s important to have clarity, you know, to have goals and ambitions and move towards them.

“I have, let’s say, luxury right now to choose which tournaments I participate on, to set my schedule in such a way where I can peak at the right tournaments where I set my highest goals.

“That’s, you know, professionally, if you want an answer to you. And I’m of course very grateful to be in a position where I am right now in the moment in history of our sport and of my own career. I still feel young in my own body. It’s serving me well. I won three out of four slams.

“You know, there is obviously differences with different tennis players in the past that, you know, some of them think that it’s best to leave tennis when you’re at the top. Some of them think when you figure out you can’t win the biggest tournaments anymore and that you’re losing to the young guys, then you leave it. I’m more in the second group.

“As long as I’m, you know, main contender for the Grand Slams and still, you know, win the biggest tournaments in sport, I will not leave. I mean, unless mentally something happens and I really have no motivation anymore, but that’s not the case for now.”

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