Italian police investigating Camila Giorgi over allegedly fake vaccination papers

Camila Giorgi

Italian WTA Tour professional Camila Giorgi is reportedly under investigation for allegedly obtaining fake documents to prove vaccination against COVID-19.

Giorgi comes under suspicion as part of a wider investigation into the activities of an alleged ‘anti-vax’ doctor practising in Italy.

According to a report from La Repubblica, Giorgi has been accused of obtaining a fake vaccination certificate, without getting the vaccine against coronavirus, from a doctor who is against the idea of vaccinations and wilfully provided multiple counterfeit certificates.

The doctor’s client list reads as something of a who’s who of Italian celebrities and public figures, including the singer Madame.

Giorgi is alleged to have used the certificate to gain entry into countries on the WTA Tour that required vaccination against the virus.

According to the reports, Italian police in Vicenza are conducting a thorough investigation into the matter but have already seen fit to share documentation regarding the case with the Italian Tennis Federation.

It stands to reason that this matter would fall to the International Tennis Integrity Agency to address.

However, the fact that a criminal investigation is underway is likely to stall any disciplinary action against Giorgi for the time being.

It is possible that Giorgi could be suspended pending the outcome of the investigation, in which case she is looking at a long time out of the game.

Giorgi took part in both the Australian Open and US Open while being required to be vaccinated to have entered either country.

The results or findings in the case could then see further action taken against Giorgi by immigration authorities in Australia and the United States.

Camila Giorgi of Italy lifts the Canadian Open trophy
Camila Giorgi

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In February of 2022, Australian player Alex de Minaur was named in reports out of Spain as being under investigation for obtaining a fake COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

However, de Minaur refuted those reports clearing up that he had spoken to authorities, but simply obtained a vaccination from a facility that came under investigation for issuing fake certificates.

“Hi everyone. I wanted to write a quick message here to avoid any misunderstanding regarding a report that is in the Spanish media about my vaccination certificate,” de Minaur posted on Twitter.

“I received my first dose of the vaccine in London last summer, and the second one at the Hospital La Paz in Madrid. News came out today that the hospital is under investigation for providing falsified Covid certificates to some of its patients.

“I want to make it 100% clear that I received my second shot, that I have a completely valid, accurate and true vaccination record. Everyone around me, including my family, is fully vaccinated.

“I am not ‘under investigation’ in any way as is being suggested and my name is connected to this story simply because I was a patient at the hospital (as many thousands of others were).”