John McEnroe’s sneaker argument with Travis Scott revealed by leaked zoom call

John McEnroe Laver Cup

A disagreement broke out between Travis Scott and John McEnroe on the name of Scott’s shoe collaboration, Mac Attack, during a leaked Zoom call between the two and Nike representatives.

McEnroe and Scott were at each other’s throats over the name.

The exchange between the two has made headlines after the call was leaked to the press.

“Dammit, Travis,” McEnroe is heard to say to Scott on the call. “Let’s have a bit of compromise here. [Jenny’s] suggestion is to do a ‘Cactus Mac’ thing for this one shoe, instead of ‘Cactus Jack.'”

“This is my first time hearing about this,” Scott responded. “Cactus Mac was never a thing.”

“Come on, man. Show a little respect. This is my shoe!” McEnroe said to Scott on the call.

Scott fires back, though.

“I’m not feeling it. Something about it feels a little off. Sounds like a burger or something.” Cactus Mac does sound like a burger straight out of the next McDonald’s collab (and Scott’s already been there and done that),” Scott added.

While Scott persisted with his “Cactus Jack” concept, McEnroe kept spitting out remarks and finally abruptly ended the conversation.

Following his morning Starbucks run, reporters caught up with McEnroe and questioned him about the viral call. Strangely enough, at that moment, he was sporting Travis Scott’s soon-to-be Nike Mac Attack trainers.

“The thing is: I was wearing these things in the eighties — before this guy was born,” McEnroe said while showing off the prototype of the collaborative shoes. “Now, all of a sudden, Travis Scott’s got this thing, Cactus Jack.”

During a concert in May, Scott debuted his Nike Mac Attack sneakers, which were a throwback style of tennis shoe, with his iconic backward Swoosh.

Scott and McEnroe appeared in the official Nike Mac Attack commercial a month after Scott’s preview. McEnroe’s iconic shoes, the Mac Attack, were made by Nike for him in colloboration with the rapper and fashion figure.

Through a number of general release drops and a partnership with Social Status, Nike revived the Mac Attack in 2023. However, the fans have been waiting a long time for Scott’s sneakers, which revive the OG colorway that was notably worn by none other than McEnroe.

On 19 December, Travis Scott’s Nike Mac Attack trainers are anticipated to launch on Nike SNKRS. Though the launch date is just a few days away, the designs are still not on the releasee app’s calendar.

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