John McEnroe gives his verdict on whether or not Andy Murray will play at Wimbledon next year

Shahida Jacobs
Andy Murray in action
Andy Murray reacts during his tennis match

Andy Murray’s future is one of the hottest topics in tennis following his Wimbledon exit and John McEnroe has shared his thoughts on the subject.

Two-time Wimbledon champion Murray suffered a five-set defeat at the hands of Stefanos Tsitsipas in the second round on Friday and after the clash he admitted he is not too sure what the future holds.

When asked if he would be back at SW19 next year he replied: “I don’t know. Yeah, motivation is obviously a big thing. Continuing having early losses in tournaments like this don’t necessarily help with that.

“Yeah, it’s similar to I guess last year. I had a long think about things, spoke to my family, decided to keep on going.”

Seven-time Grand Slam winner McEnroe was asked the 36-year-old’s playing future on the BBC and replied: “His love for the game, he loves it so much he loves to compete. Maybe he needs some sleep, I’ve got six kids he’s got four now – trust me, when you play tournaments you get more sleep.

“That’s one reason to keep playing, pay the bills a little bit. But he does love to play and you don’t want to go out as a champion when you’re hurt. It hurts big time, I am not around regularly and Ivan [Lendl] doesn’t tell me but I believe for the most part I believe he has lived a relatively monk-like existence for the past 15 years or more so this is nothing new to him.

“He probably has to do even more for the body to keep it at a point where he feels at least that he can compete, this is one of the great movers – one of the top 10 movers I have ever seen in the sport, who is not as quick or explosive. Obviously he is fit, there is no question about that he has always been incredibly dedicated.”

Murray is a father of four and he has admitted in the past that his wife Kim is happy for him to continue playing professionally as long as he enjoys it.

Although McEnroe acknowledges that life won’t “get any easier” for the tennis icon, he is optimistic about Murray playing at the All England Club in 2024.

The American added: “At the moment I see him coming back, I don’t know if the missus will put her foot down a little bit like ‘hey, I need some help at home a little more’ I am not sure.

“Obviously it’s not an issue I would think, I am sure she’s saying ‘do whatever you want’ I mean he’s 36, he has got some type of metal thing in his hip – it doesn’t get any easier.”

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