Daria Kasatkina believes that trash-talking has no place in the world of tennis

Ryan Jarvis
Daria Kasatkina on court
Daria Kasatkina reaction

Whether you enjoy it or not, trash-talking has become widely seen across all variants of sport, and some athletes believe it should be removed. Daria Kasatkina is one of them, believing it has no place in tennis.

Tennis players are known for being emotional, and sometimes they voice their emotions in the form of trash-talking, and some believe that it can help grow the tennis community.

Frances Tiafoe recently called on tennis to loosen its strict rules, as he believes it will help attract the younger audience. Americans Jessica Pegula and Coco Gauff sided with their fellow American and said that they wouldn’t mind some trash-talking.

Pegula stated at the Charleston Open that she would like for there to be a yearly event where “everything goes” and would like to see how the players and their fans would react. However, Kasatkina could not agree with her and believes that it won’t work the same as in other sports.

“For me, tennis is a bit different. I think it’s not going to work, in my opinion. I think tennis must be a little bit on the side of it,” said Kasatkina on the issues surrounding trash-talking.

The world No 8 added to her thought on the topic of trash-talking by saying: “I know fighters, basketball players especially in the United States, it’s very popular thing.”

“We’re not from United States, so, we’re not used to it. I was always educated by the way that tennis is an intelligent sport. So, I will go with that.”

Pegula decided to get the ball rolling on trash-talking with a Twitter post, asking whether or not trash-talking should be allowed. The American received many positive responses and was also backed up by American youngster Ben Shelton, who stated that he would start immediately at the Estoril Open.

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Spanish star Paula Badosa revealed at the Charleston Open that she also likes the idea of trash-talking becoming a bigger thing.

“I’m in … traditionally tennis is polite, but why not? It’s a new generation, it could be a change, different and fun. But I don’t know if women could take that,” said Badosa when asked about trash-talking.

“Maybe they take it a bit more personally, but on the men’s side, I can see it for sure,” Bados added.

Trash-talking will always be found in sports, and many players and fans will be against the idea of it becoming a regular occurrence. However, many also believe it will add more interest to their sport.

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