Who is Lorenzo Musetti’s girlfriend, Veronica Confalonieri?

Lorenzo Musetti and Veronica Confalonieri

Italy star Lorenzo Musetti is currently in a relationship with Sky Sports Italy graphic designer Veronica Confalonieri.

She isn’t just his girlfriend she is set to become the mother of his first child in March 2024.

In November, Musetti revealed the pregnancy of his partner. The Italian said that he was expecting a child, due in March 2024, with Confalonieri.

She has since been spotted sporting a baby bump as the couple enjoyed a holiday.

The couple took to Instagram in 2022 to formally announce their romance to the public.

She works for Sky Sports Italy as a graphic designer but has been able to join Musetti on tour in diverse locations.

Musetti and his girlfriend Veronica have often attended glitzy events in fashionable Milan.

Veronica is a resident of Milan, Italy, and she loves to travel with her partner. They have been sighted in the Maldives, Paris and New York together.

Although her family are Italian, she was born in France, where she completed her formal education. Very little personal information is available on Confalonieri. Her sister’s name is Valentina Confalonieri.

Confalonieri’s estimated net worth is $1 million, based on sources in the Italian media. In addition to her work with Sky Sports, she makes money from promoting other businesses on social media.

She has worked with Sky Sports Italy since 2019 and has maintained an interest in modelling and the fashion industry.

Their relationship history and the circumstances surrounding their meeting are unknown. Nonetheless, the stunning pair revealed their romance to the world in 2022. They like taking trips together and have been photographed on vacation in Monte Carlo, Australia, and the Maldives among other exotic locations.

Musetti is delighted to take the next step in their relationship as they become parents together.

“At the end of March, I will become the father of a boy, I am very happy,” he said.

He would admit to being a little thrown by the news at first before his delight took over.

“Of course, at the beginning, it was a bit of destabilizing news, but not because I wasn’t happy, on the contrary,” he said.

“There are many things to think about with Veronica, a family base to create, a new couple structure, much more important than a wedding. A child is forever.

“I imagine it will be like this.”

The couple have revealed that they will make their home in Monte Carlo.

“Veronica and I made the decision to become parents without hesitation and with great firmness,” Musetti said.

“We’ll just have to organize ourselves but luckily, she’s from Sanremo and her parents are close by. We will be based in Monte Carlo.”

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