LTA announces huge increase of tournaments for 2022 in massive boost for UK-based players

Emma Raducanu

British tennis players have been handed a huge boost with confirmation that a host of additional tournament will be staged on UK soil in 2022.

The LTA has launched its new Performance Competitions Calendar for next year that will provide players with far more matches on home soil and the chance to claim ranking points and prize money without incurring huge travel expenses.

The primary aim of the calendar is to provide significantly enhanced playing opportunities for British players at each age and stage of the performance player pathway.  

The new calendar will see Great Britain stage double the number of International ITF World Tennis Tour events, and more than double the number of international events for juniors, compared to 2019. This means across all age groups there will be 94 international events staged in Great Britain next year (excluding the traditional grass court season events), compared to 41 in 2019.

 The new calendar has been designed to give complementary opportunities across international and national competitions, so as to provide players with a wide range of experience in meaningful and competitive matches.

For pro-level players, alongside the extra international events there will be an enhanced LTA British Tour and the LTA will be working with partners such as the UK Pro League and the Progress Tour to offer more domestic prize money opportunities throughout the year. The LTA’s tournament bonus scheme will also continue to operate throughout the year. 

Anton Matusevich
Anton Matusevich in action at the UK Pro League (Photo Ian Hall)

Taken together there will now be over 40 weeks of either international ranking point or prize money earning opportunities in Great Britain in 2022.

Through this combination of international ranking point and prize money competitions the LTA wants to help, support and encourage a larger player base in this country.

For younger players there will be more opportunities to play matches of the appropriate level in Britain. As well as doubling the number of international junior events, there will be revamped and enhanced domestic competitions for those aged 10 and under and 11-14.

At all levels there will also be opportunities to earn progression to the next stage of competition. Success will be rewarded with more opportunities to ‘play up’ in higher level competitions or older age groups. This means players can advance to the next stage of their development when ready.

The calendar published today covers the first six months of the year, and for pro-level players the winter international swing will begin in Bath on 10th January, before further ITF WTT 25k events in Loughborough, Shrewsbury, Edgbaston, Glasgow, and Nottingham as the LTA hosts competitions across Britain.

 “This plan has been in development for some time, and whilst the pandemic delayed our ability to roll it out, 2022 will see a wholesale change in the number of performance competitions staged in this country, with a clear focus on supporting players and putting their needs first,” said Scott Lloyd, Chief Executive of the LTA.

“The new calendar has been specifically designed to help player development by providing more meaningful competitive opportunities for all age groups. Players will now be able to gain more experience, earn more prize money and international ranking points each year within Great Britain.”