Maria Sharapova issues stark social media warning

Maria Sharapova

Former world No 1 Maria Sharapova recently discussed the stress imposed on today’s society by social media and how it exacerbates other the negative impacts on one’s well-being.

When discussing the importance of having an opinion in today’s society, the Russian said how intriguing it is that every individual nowadays is put in a position where they must say something without having the right time to analyse the matter.

The former top player believes the relentless nature of social media grinds people down to a nub.

“Yeah isn’t that interesting, how you have to have, that’s what I am finding I don’t know if challenging but there is definitely this extra weight on everyone where you are put in a position to have something to say without really having the time to figure out what it is that you wanna convey,” Sharapova said on the Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard podcast.

Sharapova elaborated on how social media takes control of lives and creates an artificial pressure on individuals.

“Well, they’re running on an algorithm then it starts running your life. So that’s my beef with social media, there is an external pressure of constantly having to show up for it so that there is relevance in this digital universe of your presence,” she said.

Finally, Sharapova discussed her own experiences with social media, how it got the best of her, and how she regained control of her interactions with technology and her life.

“And I never had anyone help with anything I have done on social but I have definitely faced that pressure of – Oh if I don’t post for a week then no one is gonna see my post when I do make them. But then you have to stay true to who you are and you have to beat to your own drums is that the saying?” she said.

Sharapova has used social media to her advantage in her post-play life with endeavours away from tennis altogether.

She has no desire to get involved in tennis commentary or punditry as she feels that she isn’t a big talker.

“I’m not someone that says a lot, I don’t speak all the time just to speak. I’m more of an observer and when I’m confident, I wanna say what I feel like when I’ve done enough research about something, conviction in my thoughts when I say it,” Sharapova said.

“That’s why I said that I could be a good commentator because I just don’t like to fill up the oxygen with words.”

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