Matteo Berrettini’s celebrity partner lashes out at bullies

Matteo Berrettini in action

Tv Presenter and partner to Matteo Berrettini, Melissa Satta, is no stranger to intrusive headlines that cross the line of decency.

Satta, suffered from tabloid scrutiny throughout her relationship with ex-husband Kevin Prince Boateng and has once again found herself being hounded as she partners Matteo Berrettini.

She has been unfairly blamed for injuries suffered by Boateng and now Berrettini.

“I receive a lot of messages of insults, bullying and sexism. I have chosen to be a public figure, and I accept being exposed and exposing myself on social media, but I’m just trying to have a romantic relationship with another person, I simply want to try to be happy too,” Satta said in an interview with Vanity Fair Italy.

“I’m a normal girl and I live a normal life out of the limelight, why should I be blamed because your partner is having a hard time at his job?”

Satta has grown frustrated with Italian publications blaming her for the injury woes of Berrettini, despite his problems having their root before the couple even met.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated she shared her frustration at being blamed for things that she had nothing to do with.

She said that this was reminiscent of her being blamed for a chronic groin condition that troubled Boateng.

“[They say] ‘Berrettini doesn’t win because Satta is distracting him, she’s too demanding’… But I held back,” Satta said.

“[This has happened before] with my ex-husband [Boateng] who suffered from pubalgia.”

Berrettini has also been left baffled by the stories suggesting that Satta is harming his career.

“I cannot conceive how a relationship can allow you not to do your job, but people talk,” Berrrettini said.

“We live in the era of social media, where everyone can say anything and it seems to me as if general education has been lost. In the end, however, I am happy, this is what matters.”

Satta says that she is used to a deluge of comments about her appearance but says that the intrusion into her romantic relationships have gone too far.

“Sometimes I’m too thin, too fat, all done up, dressed badly. But I like myself, and therefore these things don’t affect me that much. However, if you go into my private sphere, the alarm goes off: I have told my life several times, with interviews, as well as on social networks, of course, but here a limit has been crossed.”