Naomi Osaka news: Fellow player praises the Japanese star for being vocal on social issues

Lucy Roberts
Naomi Osaka arrives on court

Spanish-Moldovan player Aliona Bolsova has credited fellow player Naomi Osaka for speaking openly about social injustices such as racism, and being vocal on mental health.

Osaka has been very open about her battle with depression and admitted that she’s suffered long bouts of depression since the US Open in 2018, and withdrew from last year’s French Open due to it.

Bolsova is believes Osaka is different from other tennis players because of her openness and is a big fan of hers as a result.

“We live in a capitalist world where human beings are selfish, individualistic and competitive, I like it better when society becomes collective, when it is not patriarchal, one that does not destroy the world and cares for the environment,” she told Punto de Break.

“I wish we could live in a better world, that is the most important thing, starting with taking care of our environment and our society.

“Tennis players are selfish, they could have much more contribution to these social causes and support those who suffer discrimination. Osaka is a perfect example of how you can take action, speaking out on these social issues, with racism she has contributed a lot, although it is true that this issue challenges her she can feel alluded to which is why she contributes to the cause.”

Even though Osaka was very open about her personal struggles, she admitted it wasn’t an easy thing to do.

“I do think even though mental health is a topic we are starting to be more open about, for some people, there is still a stigma attached,” Osaka said.

“I think all of us athletes can relate to feeling pressure, as an athlete strength is the key to how you are perceived, so for me admitting I wasn’t always okay was a big step.

“It takes more strength to speak up than to stay quiet.”

Next up on the agenda in the tennis world is Wimbledon, but it’s still uncertain whether Osaka will be taking part in the competition.