Naomi Osaka news: Former world no 1 says gaming is important to her

Naomi Osaka celebrates after her match

Tennis star Naomi Osaka made a positive impact on the world last year when she spoke about the impact of regular competitive action on her mental health.

By withdrawing from competition to focus on herself, the Japanese tennis star not only focused on herself but encouraged others to do the same.

Osaka has been chosen by Epic Games to design a new release in the Fortnite Icon Series and in doing so, she joins previous collaborators Ariana Grande and LeBron James.

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The edition of the game will feature and in-game edition set of outfits inspired by Osaka’s style.

Osaka’s love for gaming has made the partnership a healthy fit.

“Gaming has always been such a huge part of my life,”

“I like it because it brings back great memories of growing up with my sister and gaming together in the family home,” 

 “Also it is a great escapism for me as I have always been into gaming and fantasy-type storytelling.”
Osaka’s sister Mari helped in the design of oufits for the collaboration. The style of outfits are inspired by Osaka’s Haitian and Japanese heritage.

“I love paying homage to both my Japanese and Haitian heritage so this project gave me the opportunity to be inspired by both,”

“Mari is such a creative genius,” she said. “Now that she has stopped playing tennis, fashion and design collabs are where we go to work together and bond. I often have the ideas in my head and she brings them to life with her sketches. It really is such a blast and she is amazing.”