Netflix Slam draws Hollywood stars but Rafael Nadal’s son steals the show

Rafael Nadal's son
Rafael Nadal's son and Charlize Theron.

Hollywood actors and musicians were among those in attendance for The Netflix Slam exhibition event but one young attendee stole the show.

Charlize Theron and Catherine Zeta-Jones brought Hollywood to the court but it was a Spaniard who pulled the rug out from underneath them with his racket skills.

It wasn’t Rafael Nadal or Carloz Alcaraz, but the younger Nadal who was courtside for the event.

Frances Tiafoe’s girlfriend, Ayan Broomfield, caught a sweet photo of Rafael Nadal’s 16-month-old kid playing tennis at the Netflix Slam in Las Vegas.

Broomfield shared a video of the Spaniard’s kid on her Instagram story, showing the adorable youngster playing with a little racket and ball in the stands with his mother, Maria Francisca Perello, and other family members.

“Rafael Nadal Jr. was the highlight of the event hands down,” Broomfield wrote.

There were more A-listers in attendance with Michael Douglas, Matthew Stafford, Pau Gasol, Jordan Love, Logan Lerman, Colin Kaepernick, Puka Nacua, Cooper Kupp, and Sean McVay all spotted at the event.

Nadal’s family were close to the court and photographers captured plenty of moments of the wide-eyed toddler and his mum and relatives.

Alcaraz had Nadal matched on court on the night claiming the win in the exhibition.

Nadal is returning to the circuit after missing months due to injury, and the match was also a physical test for Alcaraz, who injured his right ankle at the Rio Open.

“It’s a good thing that as a player I will not face him many times,” said Nadal.

“As a fan, I will enjoy watching him for many years hopefully. In Spain, we should be very, very happy about having someone like Carlos coming.

“He’s an amazing player. He’s only 20-years-old and he’s already won two Grand Slams and a couple of important tournaments.”

Alcaraz was thrilled to have been chosen for this event which continues Netflix’s forays into live events.

“I’m honored and so happy to be sharing the court with Rafa in Las Vegas,” US Open and Wimbledon champion Alcaraz told Netflix. “He’s an all-time great, of course, and his records and achievements speak for themselves.”

Netflix are set to go full steam ahead as they seek to ultimately make a big statement in sports broadcasting.

The streaming giants are set to welcome WWE programming in a live and on-demand capacity from 2025.

It is unclear what their strategy is around tennis which has very complicated television rights agreements.

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