Nick Kyrgios says girlfriend Costeen Hatzi has tamed his wild side

Nick Kyrgios and Costeen Hatzi
Nick Kyrgios and Costeen Hatzi

Nick Kyrgios has credited his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi with helping him calm down, at least off the court.

Kyrgios opened up on his relationship during a recent interview with comedian Jon-Bernard Kairouz.

He would also hint that there might be wedding bells in the near future and the couple have suggested they might try for a baby.

Speaking about the affect Costeen has had on him Kyrgios said: “She’s definitely tamed me a lot and supported me.”

Kyrgios also joked that he has become an Instagram boyfriend as Costeen drags him to location after location to take pictures.

This has left him feeling like a ‘gronk’ at times and Kairouz teased the tennis star about becoming a full-time Instagram husband when he retires.

He said: “Yeah, I pretty much do that in my spare time.

“She makes me video her, take photos of her in the middle of Sydney. I look like a gronk half the time.”

The interview included a little piece of mock drama, as Kyrgios played at storming out the comedian repeatedly got Costeen’s name wrong, calling her Constance.

“Mate, I’ve told you 10 times, her name’s Costeen. I’m sick of it,” he said.

Kyrgios has been dating Costeen Hatzi since December of 2021 having met online and hit it off.

“We’ve been together about two and a half months,” Hatzi to Netflix’s Break Point.

“We met online and we’ve been hanging out every day since.”

She works as a social media influencer and interior designer and has said that she was never really into tennis before she met Nick.

“I never really watched a tennis game in my life, so yeah, this is all new for me,” she said.

Sydneysider Hatzi holds a bachelor of psychological sciences from Australian Catholic University which she completed in May of 2021.

Kyrgios’ manager Daniel Horsfall is a big supporter of their relationship as he feels that Costeen has been good for his charge.

“I’ve seen him in previous relationships, and they perhaps were taking him in the other direction,” Horsfall said. “[Hatzi] lifts him up and gives him motivation and inspiration, and she’s just a great partner to him.”

The couple share an apartment in Sydney, although Costeen and Canberran Kyrgios are often abroad as they travel for both work and leisure.

Kyrgios describes Costeen as ‘The one’.

“She is definitely the one, I am in love with her and she is an amazing person and an amazing support for me,” he said, per the Daily Mail. “She is my best friend literally. We go through ups and downs together but I love her to bits.”

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