WATCH: Nick Kyrgios loves to talk to himself on the court

Nick Kyrgios and partner Thanasi Kokkinakis

Sometimes tennis players aren’t always the most professional, which can sometimes bring us some hilarious moments. One such individual that constantly pops up is Nick Kyrgios.

Kyrgios has been an exciting player to watch, and not just from the flairy shots that he has played in the past. He constantly talks to himself on the court and has brought us many funny moments.

Many tennis fans will not know this, but Kyrgios was a former World No. 1 in the juniors. In 2012 he partnered with Andrew Harris to win the Roland-Garros boys’ doubles and the Wimbledon Boys’ doubles. Then in 2013, he won the Australian Open Boys’ singles title and the Wimbledon Boys’ doubles title with his best friend, Thanasi Kokkinakis.

The Australian star often gives off the impression that he could be more serious about his tennis career. He has the talent of a superstar but lacks the work ethic to push himself to the next level.

The star is hot-headed and has had multiple altercations with hecklers and crowd members, with one instance involving Ben Stiller. The star had been talking to himself to try and get his head in the game, which caused a crowd member to comment on the star’s one-on-one with himself. Kyrgios turned this into a funny moment by mocking the heckler’s tennis ability while pointing out that he does not tell Ben Stiller how to act.

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Kyrgios is often too focused on the things off the court and ends up forgetting to do the essential things to improve his game.

Kyrgios enjoys playing tennis, but it does not seem like he enjoys it as much as playing video games, as seen in one match when he made a remark about himself, saying that he was up all night.

“So lazy, do something. So lazy you are. Play FIFA until three am, what do you expect?” said Kyrgios

The ‘Bad Boy’ of tennis has claimed a total of seven titles in his career but has never won any major tournaments, with his last title coming last year in Washington. The star won the 2022 Citi Open after beating Japanese star Yoshihito Nishioka 4-6, 3-6 in the final.

The star last played tennis in December last year, and his last singles match on the ATP tour was in October. However, this isn’t necessarily for lack of trying, as the 27-year-old and his physio revealed that the star had a cyst growing on his left meniscus, which required arthroscopy surgery.

There has been no development into when the Australian star will make a return to the tennis court, but we can be sure that many of his fans will be hoping to see their star shine again.

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