Nick Kyrgios news: Australian labelled ‘an absolute knob’ with maturity level of ‘a 10-year-old’

Shahida Jacobs
Nick Kyrgios puts on a show

Nick Kyrgios has been lambasted by doubles opponent Michael Venus with the New Zealander describing him as “an absolute knob” over his on-court antics.

The Australian and partner Thanasi Kokkinakis have grabbed the headlines at Melbourne Park the past week over their high-octane displays in the men’s doubles at the Australian Open, resulting in plenty of support from the home crowd.

Some people, though, do believe that the pair – especially Kyrgios – often go over the top with their behaviour and Venus – who along with Tim Putz suffered a three-set defeat at the hands of the duo on Tuesday – is one of them.

Nick Kyrgios of Australia in his doubles match with Thanasi Kokkinakis of Australia, against Ariel Behar of Uruguay and Gonzalo Escobar of Ecudor in the 2022 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on January 23, 2022 in Melbourne, Australia.

“It felt like a circus out there, and not really a tennis match,” he told New Zealand publication 1News.

“Between serves, [they were] geeing the crowd up and getting them to cheer at times like that. I don‘t think that’s really on.

“You know if it‘s on the other foot, old mate [Kyrgios] would have flipped his lid.”

During the quarter-final clash, Kyrgios accidentally hit a young fan in the crowd after he smashed a ball into the court following a let call.

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The Australian gifted the boy one of his rackets – much to the delight of the home fans – but Venus was not impressed.

“He already did get mad there by himself,” he said.

“It‘s amazing, he can smash a ball out that hits a kid and just ’cause he gives them a racket afterwards people can say he’s such a good guy.”

And Venus did not hold back in his criticism of the 26-year-old Kyrgios.

“On the maturity side, you see why he‘s never fulfilled his potential and probably never will,” he said.

“His maturity level, it‘s probably being generous to about a 10-year-old, it’s at about that level.

“The amount of messages I got from people, an extreme amount, way, way more than I‘ve ever had but then a lot of messages from people saying how embarrassed they were with the crowd’s behaviour and they’re sorry, it shouldn’t have been like that.

“They’ll always be his supporters and he’ll spin it in a way that helps him but at the end of the day he’s an absolute knob.”