Nick Kyrgios responds to ‘garbage’ rumours as he tells his fans ‘don’t stress’

Nick Kyrgios talks to the media

Just a day after Nick Kyrgios wrote a column in which he states he has “reached a point where life after tennis is a prospect that excites me”, the Australian has hit back at the media over claims that he is on the verge of retiring.

Instead of competing at this year’s Australian Open, Kyrgios finds himself behind the microphone as he has taken up a commentary role with Eurosport as he continues to struggle with injury.

The Australian has played only one competitive singles match since the start of the 2023 season due to various knee and wrist problems over the past year.

In a column in The Age on Wednesday morning, Kyrgios hinted that he is close to retirement as he looked at a possible permanent job as a commentator.

“It’s a conversation that needed to be had. I’m at a crossroads in my career and have reached a point where life after tennis is a prospect that excites me,” the former world No 11 wrote.

“It’s why my manager brought it up. He said, ‘This could be you from now on if you want it to be’. I could travel the world making really good money commentating on the sport, doing things like I am now with my talk show interviewing guys like Gordon Ramsay and Mike Tyson.

“That’s a life people wish they had. Even the players on the circuit would love to be doing what I am doing now, but they have a different way of thinking. They don’t have the global reach that I do. Otherwise, they would be doing it too. Their entire world revolves around playing tennis, and that’s never been me.”

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Several media outlets ran with the headline that Kyrgios is considering retirement on the back of his comments, but the 28-year-old has come out fighting as he insisted the fire to play tennis is still burning.

In an Instagram Story, he wrote: “Attention… I am not retiring 😂😂😭😭. Please don’t spread this garbage. I’m coming back and will be lighting up courts soon.”

He then followed it up with a video, saying: “I have woken up today and realised about some articles going around and saying that I am retired and that I’m not going to play anymore.

“I just want to just clear it up, it’s absolute nonsense.

“Yes, the last year has been tough with injury, my knee, my wrist, but I’m hungry as ever, constantly rehabbing, in the gym.

“Part of the reason why I am commentating and doing all these things around AO is to still feel that fire and still be a part of it.

“So I still wanted to let everyone know, all my fans I’m coming back, stay tuned, but there’s plenty left in the tank. Don’t stress.”