Novak Djokovic on Nick Kyrgios relationship: ‘Off the court I don’t have much respect for him’

Novak Djokovic playing to the crowd

Novak Djokovic insists Nick Kyrgios’ “own authentic way” is good for tennis, but admits he doesn’t have “much respect” for the controversial Australian.

The duo have never been the best of friends on the ATP Tour, but things went even further when Kyrgios made his dislike for the Serbian public during an interview in 2019.

I just can’t stand him: Nick Kyrgios launches scathing attack on Novak Djokovic

Since then the Australian has taken several potshots at the 17-time Grand Slam winner Djokovic often refusing to take the bait.

However, things escalated again in 2020 when the world No 1 organised the Adria Tour despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic with Kyrgios quite outspoken while he also labelled Djokovic “a tool” in January for sending a list of quarantine requests to authorities.

Djokovic was asked about Kyrgios ahead of the Australian Open and replied: “I have mentioned this before, I think he’s good for the sport. He is someone that is different.

“He goes about his tennis, on and off court, in his own authentic way.

“I think he’s very talented. He has a very strong game and has proven in the past that he has what it takes to beat the best players in the world.

“I have respect for everyone else really because everyone has a right and freedom to choose how they want to express themselves and what they want to do.

“But off the court I don’t have much respect for him, to be honest. I won’t say more. I have no further comments to make, on him, on what he says or on what he is trying to do.”

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