Patrick Mouratoglou explains why ‘real’ Novak Djokovic has been able to return

Michael Graham
Novak Djokovic annimated

A loss of mental edge was the reason for Novak Djokovic’s recent fall from prominence, not his elbow injury, claims Patrick Mouratoglou.

Mouratoglou, who coaches Serena Williams, believes that Djokovic’s passion waned, which cost him on the court long before his elbow struggles did.

However, he has also declared himself delighted to see the ‘real’ Djokovic back.

‘We found the same Novak, like if he came back after a two-year break where he was elsewhere’, Mouratoglou told L’Equipe.

‘We found him intact. Like before. He was extremely dominant, he is again.

“It confirms the impression we had at the time: his fall was essentially mental.

“On the court he was not himself, anger lacked, you could not recognise him.

“Since everything was there again, it does not surprise that he came back so quickly. It’s a story of personality, he is a great champion.”

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