Novak Djokovic tops stats-based Open Era GOAT list

Novak Djokovic during a match

Novak Djokovic has built a substantial lead at the top of Ultimate Tennis Statistics Open Era GOAT list.

A comprehensive analysis of statistics can have no other outcome than to point to Novak Djokovic as the GOAT.

Taking into account several performance criteria, including Grand Slam wins, Masters wins, big tournament triumphs, rankings, ELO ratings and head-to-head records.

Djokovic is of course joint top of the all-time men’s Grand Slam singles titles list but he holds clear leads in so many metrics that his GOAT status is unquestionable when judged objectively.

The Serbian icon could still improve in several categories and take an even more commanding lead on the GOAT List.

This year, Djokovic cemented his place as the Rankings GOAT as he became the player to spend the most time as world No 1 across both the ATP and WTA Tours.

With win percentage also taken into account, Djokovic may yet lose some ground if he isn’t able to remain dominant through the twilight of his career.

Swiss star Stan Wawrinka believes that while the GOAT debate should only include players who are retired, Djokovic has proven himself as the best there has ever been.

“Novak Djokovic is the best current player and he has proven it in everything he has done for 20 years,” Wawrinka told RMC Sports.

“They broke all the records between him, Rafa and Roger. They took everything and ate everything. These are the greatest players in the history of tennis.

“Let’s go on the GOAT, I have no problem saying things and saying what I think. It all depends on what one is looking for in this list, simply.

“Already I think it’s difficult to talk about athletes who are still playing. It’s always better to make a list when the players have stopped and finished their career.

“If we talk about pure results and pure victories, Novak will be ahead of the other two. I have been convinced of this for years and in my opinion this is what will happen.

“They have this chance and this bad luck to have been in the same generation and at the same time and they marked the history of tennis in a different way, the three.

“I’ve always said it was lucky to be able to play at the same time as these four players because I also include [Andy] Murray, who for more than ten years has been in all the tournaments in the semi-finals, finals or won when they weren’t there.

“For me it was a chance to play with the greatest players in the history of tennis. But for me, in sport, there is no if. There is no if I had been in a weaker or stronger generation. It does not exist, there is only the reality of the results.”

The Ultimate Tennis Statistics GOAT list is updated weekly and can be viewed here.

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