‘Olympics still planned to go ahead despite coronavirus,’ although decision deadline may be imposed

Olympics coronoavirus concerns

The Olympics are still planned to go ahead, according to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, but he admitted things could change significantly as the coronavirus pandemic grips the world.

Just about all major sport across the globe has been cancelled or rescheduled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The Olympics are currently set to take place in late July, and that remains the plan – for now.

“There is no change in this,” Abe told the press in Japan regarding the country’s decision about the Olympics.

“We will respond by closely coordinating with officials concerned, including the IOC (International Olympic Committee).

“We want to hold the Olympics as planned without any trouble by overcoming the spread of infections.”

Other nations, though, have put a deadline on a decision.

“My feeling is that if we’re still in the crisis by the end of May, I can’t see how the games can happen,” French Olympic Committee President Denis Masseglia told Reuters.

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“If we are beyond the peak and the situation is getting better, questions will arise about who qualifies, but we will find the least worst solution.”

At the time of writing, there are around 1000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Japan.

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