Peng Shuai news: Pat Cash gives his opinion over Peng Shuai sexual harassment allegations

Peng Shuai on the court

The Australian former player Pat Cash gave his opinion on how the Peng Shuai situation in China has unfolded, saying a lot doesn’t make sense.

Shuai accused former Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli of coercing her into having sex.

The 36-year-old later appeared in a video posted by Singapore media outlet, Lianhe Zaobao, denying ever calling out the former Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli for forcibly having sex with her.

Cash believes the situation surrounding the world No 307 has been dodgy as it doesn’t make sense and “thinks there has been a massive beat-up” on it.

“They scratch their heads, I wouldn’t say this is all of nothing – because I don’t know 100 per cent – but I think there has been a massive beat-up on this,” he told Melbourne talk radio station 3AW.

“I talk to some of her coaches, who have been associated with the Chinese player – worked and coached her, they ask what this is all about. She’s home, she’s fine, and asking what she’s doing home when she’s strong.”

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Last month, the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) responded in support of Shuai saying it is ‘still concerned’ that she is being coerced to retract her allegations.

Cash added: “No one knows what’s this tension about, no one believes her, she sent an email to WTA and they didn’t believe her. She sent a video, they didn’t believe her.

“They even canceled the Chinese tour and still didn’t believe her, and she was like what’s going, she’s practically fine – she’s at home. I believe her because it’s what I’ve been told by people close to her.”