Piers Morgan rips into Emma Raducanu for taking part in ‘woke and absurd’ advert

Emma Raducanu's latest HSBC advert

Piers Morgan has given some pretty pointed views on Emma Raducanu since her sporting breakthrough in 2021 and now he has suggested she needs to “focus more on her tennis” after her latest advert for one of her sponsors.

Outspoken TV host Morgan suggested Raducanu “choked” when she pulled out of her Wimbledon fourth round match two years ago with a health problem.

Yet he quickly became one of her biggest fans when she stored to a stunning victory at the US Open, as he saluted the young star for her inspiring Grand Slam win.

Now Morgan has turned his verbal fire on Raducanu once again after she took part in an advert that he suggested was “designed specifically to irritate me!”.

The bank who is one of Raducanu’s sponsors commissioned an author to re-write classic fairy tales Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel, with a fresh take on the original storylines.

In the reworked tales, Cinderella is a successful businesswoman who designs her own sports shoe, Rapunzel becomes a property mogul by renting out her tower and Sleeping Beauty becomes rich from interest earned during her 100-year-long sleep.

The message from the stories is that women don’t need men to succeed in life, as Raducanu explained in the extended story posted on HSBC’s social media platforms.

“Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel are all successful young women,” explained the tennis star.

“They have used their brains, imagination and good sense to earn enough money to look after themselves without a Prince Charming in sight.

“What a great story. So in the end, the princesses didn’t need a prince to save them.

“They set up their own businesses, saved their money and spent it very wisely.”

Morgan was quick to suggest this was another example of a ‘woke’ corporate company embracing the idea of cancelling men from leading roles, as he suggested Raducanu was misguided to sign up to take part in the campaign.

“Of course, we all know, the best way to improve the aspirations of women is by trashing men,” said Morgan sarcastically on his Talk TV show.

“As Emma said, women don’t need men at all. She certainly didn’t need men to get to where she is today… except from her father, who manages her career and her five coaches who are all male.

“Then there is her agent Max Eisenbud who is very, very good at maximising her income… despite the fact he is a man.

“And then in a final twist of this tale of virtue signalling treachery, it turns out the chairman, chief executive and chief financial officer on HSBC’s board of directors are all men too.”

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Morgan’s dismissive tone was then replaced with some words of guidance for Raducanu.

“As a man, here are some words of advice for you Emma,” he added.

“I think she’s great and when she won the US Open it was amazing, but she hasn’t won a shoebox since then.

“I think she’s spending too much time on this commercial stuff and not on the court. That’s my view as a man. Take it or leave it.”

The panel on Morgan’s show were equally dismissive of Raduvanu’s appearance in the advert, with one suggesting she was a “terrible actress” who was “wooden as a board” in her presentation.

It remains to be seen whether the bank at the centre of this story will get the kind of publicity they were hoping for from this campaign with Raducanu, but the comments from Moragn and his guests were not the kind of reaction they were hoping for.