Rafael Nadal condemns anti-vaxxers, saying ‘people who do not want to be vaccinated are a bit selfish’

Rafael Nadal talks to the press

Rafael Nadal has once again made it clear where he stands in the debate around Covid-19 vaccines, saying those who do not want to get vaccinated against the virus “seems a bit selfish”.

A storm is brewing ahead of the 2022 Australian Open as Victoria officials and Australian government officials are at loggerheads over whether or not unvaccinated players will be handed visas for the hard-court major.

Nadal, though, has made no secret of the fact that he was vaccinated against the coronavirus at the earliest opportunity and is expected to compete at next year’s season-opening Grand Slam in Melbourne.

However, there are question marks over the vaccination status of world No 1 Novak Djokovic and a few other players.

Novak Djokovic reveals ‘I still don’t know if I will’ play in Australian Open as he vows to stay mum over vaccine status

In an interview with Marca, 20-time Grand Slam winner Nadal left no doubt about his views on people who don’t want to be vaccinated.

“I understand that there are people who do not want to be vaccinated, but it seems a bit selfish to me,” he said.

“We have suffered a lot.

“We do not know 100 percent the effects of vaccines, but we do have to trust the doctors… we do know the effect of the virus if we are not vaccinated.

“It seems that today we [Spain] are the country that is least affected by the virus and I think it is because we have a large part of the population vaccinated.”