Rafael Nadal hits back at Victoria Azarenka over criticisms of gender inequality

Rafael Nadal press conference

Rafael Nadal has angrily bitten back at Victoria Azarenka’s comments over gender inequality in tennis, insisting tennis is the last sport that should come under criticism for it.

Azarenka commented on Twitter that men should come down to playing three sets to end the debate over gender pay inequality in tennis.

Nadal, though, could not disagree more, and has launched a passionate defence of the men’s game and tennis in general.

“Why does she want us to play best of three? We’re happy playing best of five,’ asked Nadal.

“It doesn’t matter the prize money, or equal prize money or not, that’s your debate it’s not our debate.

“It’s interesting that you are always debating on equal prize money in tennis when we are probably the only sport in the world where we are almost equal prize money in most of the events.

“So I don’t know why you don’t debate about football, basketball, about all the other important sports that women are miles away from the men.

“You always debate here, in our sport, when we support more the women tour than any other sport in the world.

“So I’m a little bit tired thinking about we are against the girls. No, not at all.

“Another thing is who sells more, who sells less, that is another debate, but it’s not about men or women it’s about persons and that’s all. We are the same, somebody deserve more and other ones deserve less.

“If you are in the same company as another man, and I am doing better in my job than the other man, I have to win more than the other.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a girl or man and I’m a little bit tired about this debate all the time.”

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