Rafael Nadal on #RF20 Record: Unreachable? No. Unlikely? Yes

Rafael Nadal in action

He is only four Grand Slams away from Roger Federer’s magical mark, but Rafael Nadal says that record is “not something that worries me”.

Federer pulled further clear of Nadal in Melbourne last week when he successfully defended his Australian Open title to secure his 20th major. Nadal, meanwhile, is two Grand Slams ahead of Pete Sampras while Novak Djokovic is another two behind.

When asked if he sees the Swiss player’s 20 Slams as unreachable, he told Ultimahora.es: “Unreachable? No. Unlikely? Yes. It’s not something that worries me, or that I think of.

“I make my way without looking at what’s going on next door and it’s something I do in tennis and in life. You would get frustrated if you always compare yourself with others. It is not a good philosophy.

“You have to be satisfied with what you do. There is always someone with more titles or more things, so I am satisfied with what I do, grateful for what life gives me and happy for the good that happens to others.”